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Berlin language school offers a wide range of language courses

including individual, one-on-one lessons and company courses in all important languages

Language courses and language lessons in Berlin in all important languages as well as specialized language training for a variety of professions and jobs, for example in the fields of economics, sciences, engineering, medicine, IT, law, architecture, arts, education … – language courses and language lessons for all levels – beginners, pre-intermediate and intermediate learners as well as advanced learners (levels A1 to C2 according to the CEFR), including German courses and German lessons for foreigners, migrants and non-native speakers of German

Our language school offers courses and one-on-one lessons for individuals and companies from7 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday every week.

Table of Contents

Our Berlin language school organizes lessons and language courses in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Greek, Latin, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian (Bahasa), German courses / German lessons for foreigners and migrants (German as a foreign language, preparation for the DSH examination, German courses for DAAD-students) etc. 

Language lessons in a pleasant and creative atmosphere of learning 

individual lessons as well as language courses / groups for beginners, pre-intermediate and intermediate students and advanced learners – company courses in the English language and almost all important languages – everyday language – language courses for tourists – specialized language teaching for the job – preparation for language examinations – conversation – additional language lessons for students and pupils – private tuition in almost all languages – German courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners

Our company courses can take place in all parts of Germany.

Our Berlin language school does not charge any registration fees.

The clients of our language school only have to pay for the lessons they take and teaching material (textbooks, dictionaries, reference books etc.).

Before signing their registration for a language course, our clients can meet the teacher and take one lesson as a test.

About our language school in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Charlottenburg

Our language school has offices with well-equipped, light tutorial rooms in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Charlottenburg, which can be easily reached  by car and by means of public transport. 

The clients of our Berlin language school are both private people and companies. Our clients have very different levels (beginners, pre-intermediate / intermediate and advanced learners) and different aims too. In many cases the language teaching focuses on the professional needs of our clients.

You can learn all important languages in an effective way at our Berlin language school.

The language courses and individual language lessons of our school are suitable for people with very different backgrounds, objectives, professions and positions, such as engineers, technicians, IT-experts, employees of hotels and restaurants, tourist guides, pilots, flight attendants, medical doctors, nurses, architects, scientists, managers, salespeople, representatives of companies in various branches, economists, administrators, civil servants, officers in the police and in the army, pedagogues, company owners, self-employed and free-lance people. Furthermore, our language courses can also help unemployed people to improve their chances of finding new jobs by preparing them for interviews and everyday situations in foreign languages.

Our language school employs an international team of language teachers – both qualified native speakers of various languages, e.g. English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish and competent German language teachers.

The German courses / German lessons of our Berlin language school are held by qualified, experienced teachers and tutors with a special training in the field of teaching German as a foreign language.

effective language lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners in all important languages

The main topics of our basic courses (language courses for beginners), continuation courses (language courses for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners) and advanced courses 

 I. The main topics and aims of our basic courses for beginners in most languages:

essential rules of pronunciation – intonation, stress, rhythm of speaking; alphabet; essential grammar, e.g. sentence structure – positive and negative sentences, questions etc.; question words; pronouns – personal pronouns, definite and indefinite pronouns etc.; spelling of words; prepositions of place and time; adjectives and adverbs; comparisons; speaking about yourself – your name, age, family, children, parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, hobbies, interests, spare-time-activities, job; numbers and dates; the names of the weekdays, seasons and months; quantities and prices; your surroundings – your flat / house, garden, furniture, household, household appliances; foods, drinks and meals; fruit, vegetables, fish and meat; shopping; your daily routine; the names of animals and plants; important information about foreign countries the language of which you learn – geography, climate, history, traditions, religion, way of life, politics, economics, culture; developing basic skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing; understanding and translating simple texts with and without a dictionary; practising important idiomatic phrases of the colloquial language; simple conversation about everyday topics; preparing you for holidays abroad or language study trips; essential vocabulary for tourists – hotel, reception, hotel rooms, restaurant, renting a car, insurance, accidents, seeing the doctor, sight-seeing, guided tours, means of transport, travelling by plane / ship / train / car etc., airport, station …

II. The main topics and aims of our continuation courses for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners in most languages: 

essential grammar – repetition and new rules, e.g. tenses (present, past, future etc.), sentence structure, conjugations, declinations, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, expressing comparisons, phrasal verbs, word formation and spelling of words; teaching and practising vocabulary concerning a wide range of topics, such as important facts about foreign countries (geography, history, culture …) and Germany, your home town, likes and dislikes, hobbies and spare time activities, plans for the future, your job, your CV (curriculum vitae), school, education, vocational training and studies, holidays, travel, tourism, sights, nature, culture, arts, literature, modern and classical music, history, sports; frequently used idiomatic phrases and expressions of the colloquial language; using the foreign language in everyday situations – welcoming guests, introducing yourself, inviting people, accepting and refusing invitations and offers, making suggestions, expressing likes and dislikes, agreement and disagreement, asking the way and directions, offering / asking advice or help, expressing your standpoint / your opinion, agreeing and contradicting, convincing other people; describing objects, places, pictures and people; improving your pronunciation and speaking skills; listening comprehension; reading, understanding and translating texts with or without a dictionary; writing texts and messages, such as letters, reports, short essays, summaries; telephone language; practising conversation (dialogues) …

III. The main topics and aims of our courses for advanced learners:

advanced aspects of grammar; improving your pronunciation and communication skills; advanced conversation about a variety of topics, such as culture, arts, economics, politics, sciences and technology, medicine, inventions and discoveries, the Internet, television, newspapers, other media, literature, sports, social problems, education, the environment and environmental protection, foreign countries and travel; talking about your job and your company; reading and translating complicated original texts dealing with various topics; summarizing the main ideas of texts and statements; discussing controversial topics and statement; expressing your opinion in a differentiated manner; learning and using further vocabulary concerning the above-mentioned topics; negotiating and interviewing people; dealing with important works of foreign literature; making phone calls in the foreign language; learning and practising further idiomatic phrases; improving your way of expressing yourself (stylistic means); writing essays and texts about advanced topics; distinguishing colloquial and formal language; business communication and communication in the office; writing business letters and official documents; special language used for negotiations in your field of work; if needed specialized language for your job …      

individual lessons / private, one-on-one lessons for fast progress in learning languages

The advantages and key objectives of our individual lessons in the above-mentioned languages

  • The teacher can focus 100 per cent of his attention on the student´s needs and objectives.
  • The topics of the lessons and the priorities can be negotiated between the learner and the teacher.
  • Specific needs and requirements of the individual student can be met by a tailor-made programme of teaching.
  • Individual lessons are suitable for learners who study a foreign language for very different purposes – for work, office communication, business, travel, holidays or simply for their personal enjoyment.
  • The progress of learning is maximised because of the very high intensity of the individual lessons.
  • Practical language skills, such as speaking, listening, reacting, writing and understanding the spoken and written language, are improved very fast.
  • The student´s confidence in the everyday use of the language is increased by effective oral communication.
  • Specialized aspects of language teaching, such as business language, technical or scientific language, can be integrated.
  • Topics which are of interest are discussed, depending on the student´s needs, e.g. politics, economics, education, sciences, medicine, history, culture, sports, arts, literature, tourism and travel.
  • Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in the foreign language.
  • A profound grammatical knowledge, a wide range of vocabulary combined with communicative competence are built up.
  • At the beginning of the individual lessons a detailed diagnosis concerning grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills is carried out in connection with an assessment of the student´s needs. Thus the student´s precise level of the language and his specific requirements are taken into consideration and are the basis of the individual curriculum.
  • Individual lessons can start any time throughout the year – in most cases already a few days after registration.
  • The appointments for the lessons are flexibly made between the teacher and the student according to the student´s wishes.
  • The intensity of the lessons (e.g. once or twice per week, every second day, every day) and the duration of the language course are also planned according to the student´s needs.
  • Regular tests throughout the language course provide comprehensive information about the student´s progress.
  • The student does not miss any lessons if he is not able to turn up for an appointment because he has the opportunity of cancelling and postponing lessons free of charge.
  • At the end of the individual language course the students receive a certificate of attendance, which can also provide information about the contents and key objectives of the lessons and an assessment of the progress made by the student.
  • Individual lessons can also focus on preparing students for national or international language tests, such as the DSH test (DSH-Prüfung) for students who intend to study at a German university or college as well as the Cambridge Certificate, IELTS and the TOEFL-Test for learners of British or American English.    

effective language training for employees and managers of companies and institutions

Company courses and individual lessons for employees of firms and institutions in almost all important languages at our school in Berlin-Charlottenburg und Berlin-Mitte
  • The contents and the timetable of these courses and lessons are flexible and can be negotiated between our language school and the employers or students.
  • These language courses and lessons can start any time throughout the year.
  • The lessons can take place in the instruction rooms of our language school in Berlin-Charlottenburg und Berlin-Mitte or at companies and institutions all across Brandenburg too.
  • The number of lessons and the intensity of the course can also be flexibly arranged.
  • Our company courses can be organized on all levels – beginners, pre-intermediate and intermediate learners as well as advanced learners.
  • Our language teachers are competent native speakers, for instance from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria …, or qualified German staff with teaching experience.
  • The company courses of our language school can focus on general topics, such as everyday communication and conversation, improving speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, teaching new vocabulary, grammatical exercises …
  • Our company courses and individual lessons are also suitable for foreign employees at German companies and institutions who are interested in improving their knowledge of German.
  • Moreover, our language courses can be specialized in certain fields, such as technical language, scientific language, business language, telephone language, office communication, writing business letters and official documents, understanding and translating technical, scientific and other specialized texts, making presentations, travelling abroad on business, interviewing people, negotiating with customers and business partners etc.
  • The company courses of our language school can focus on various topics which are particularly interesting or relevant for the participants, such as language courses specialized in economics, politics, business administration, business economics, sciences and technology, technological innovation, research and development, engineering, information technology / IT, introducing innovative products, important discoveries and inventions, education, the environment and environmental protection, energy, agriculture, trade and commerce, sale and purchase, the management of production, recruiting staff, interviewing applicants, applying for jobs, organizing company meetings and conferences, law and jurisdiction, international cooperation, the European Union, the mass media, advertising, finances, banking and investment, the pharmaceutical industry, medicine and medical research …